Nissan Intelligent Seatbelt

The Intelligent Seatbelt from Nissan, Japan can improve the usability of seatbelts. The seatbelt was unveiled at Nissans technology presentation meeting in August 2008. When the driver opens the door of a car, a motorized retractor is automatically activated and feeds the seatbelt. The Nissan Intelligent Seatbelt loosens the belt and, at the same time, the belt guide on the door side is inclined forward by a spring so that the passenger can easily grab the belt when putting it on. Upon abrupt steering or skidding, the seatbelt is wound up to hold the passenger securely, thereby improving safety.

Nissan plans to employ the Intelligent Seatbelt on coupes, which have a B pillar set relatively to the rear. The company intends to commercialize the new seatbelt structure in 2010-2012. Nissan has already commercialized a motorized retractor for the pre-crush seatbelts, which winds up the belt upon sudden braking to protect the passenger.