Nissan launches the all-new Nissan JUKE compact sports crossover in Japan

Nissan today announced the Japan launch of the all-new Nissan JUKE compact sports crossover, which goes on sale today at Nissan dealer’s jn Japan. The JUKE name is equally original. Derived from an American football term used to describe a quick or sudden move taken by a running back to avoid a defensive player’s tackle, the name was chosen to showcase JUKE’s ability to deftly negotiate the challenges of work and everyday life. Developed for the global market, JUKE’s unique styling offers a new look in the compact category, combining the agility of a compact sports car with the security and toughness of an SUV.
The new Intelligent Control Display, a versatile multi-function information system, is another first for Nissan vehicles. The system provides updated driving information, such as mileage, and acts as central control panel for cabin environment and for dynamic drive settings. JUKE drivers can use the control panel to easily switch between three available driving modes: Normal, Sports and Eco-drive.

JUKE also breaks new ground in offering the world’s first mass-produced 1.5-liter engine (HR15DE) with dual injectors. All JUKE models have a low mileage consumption of 19.0km/L, a 15% improvement on 2010 mileage standards and 75% lower than 2005 emission standards (SU-LEV). This qualifies JUKE for the tax exemption for environmentally friendly vehicles, which provides for a 50% reduction of both new vehicle acquisition and weight taxes. In addition, functions like the combined mileage display and navigation system, Eco Drive mode with CVT, and low consumption cabin climate control all support a fun, eco-friendly driving experience.