NTT DoCoMo announces international one-day flat-rate data communications billing plan

NTT DoCoMo announced today that it will offer a one-day (24-hour) flat-rate data communications billing plan for customers traveling overseas beginning December 2. The flat rate will apply to the 24-hour period that begins once the customer activates the service. Activation simply requires tapping a button on a dedicated app, or dialing a dedicated number. At the end of the 24-hour period, the packet communication feature in the user’s mobile device will automatically turn off to avoid unintended data usage, providing peace of mind to users concerned about using roaming services overseas.

The service, called Global 1 day Pake, will vary in cost (980 yen, 1,280 yen or 1,580 yen) depending on the country or region of use. For example, the cost will be 980 yen ($9.62) for South Korea, 1,280 yen ($12.56) for UK and 1,580 yen ($15.50) for the US mainland and Hawaii. Customers of DOCOMO’s existing international flat-rate data service, Global Pake-hodai, can flexibly use this service or the new service depending on their handset or other conditions.

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