NTT DoCoMo Dokotchi wristwatch-type terminal can check the whereabouts of children anytime

NTT DoCoMo has announced a wristwatch-type terminal with the SMS sending and receiving function and GPS function Dokotchi in Japan. Dokotchi watch features a 1.3 inch EL display and can display in five different ways. The wristwatch-type terminal is dustproof and comes with temperature and humidity sensors also. These sensors can help the parents to know the humid temperature during a hot summer day when kids are playing outdoors in his smartphone. This can help the child from sunstroke.

NTTDocomo_Dokotchi _sunstrokeWhen paired with a smartphone, the user can create a boilerplate statement, which can be send as an SMS. If the range of smartphone and Dokotchi is out of coverage, both the Dokotchi and smartphone users are alerted by notification. This feature helps to keep tracking of the child when he is outdoors.
NTTDocomo_Dokotchi_smartwatch_dialThe size of NTT DoCoMo Dokotchi wristwatch-type terminal is about 44 × 44 × 15mm, weighs about 50g. It will be available in two colors of light blue and white, with matching color belt. It is powered by a 320mAh battery.
NTTDocomo_Dokotchi wristwatch_white

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