Olympus announces three sleek and stylish recording devices

Olympus today announced the launch of three sleek and stylish new recording devices- WS-450S, WS-550M and WS-560M. Featuring WMA playback and stereo recording mode to ensure premium audio quality, the Olympus WS-450S, WS-550M and WS-560M dual purpose voice recorders are the perfect solution for note takers and music lovers everywhere. The Olympus WS-550M and WS-560M also boast playback possibilities for MP3, WAV, and other formats. These high-class dual purpose Olympus WS models function as a storage device and powerful music player all rolled into one. The new Olympus WS-450S, WS-550M and WS-560M dual purpose voice recorders also offer unbeatable flexibility, with a choice of six recording qualities featuring Stereo XQ for high stereo quality and LP for extended storage capacity. Such generous storage and music playback options are ideal for dynamic modern lifestyles, allowing users to travel light while they switch between business and pleasure at their convenience.

With ultra-compact dimensions measuring a mere 94.8 x 38 x 11mm, all of the new models also boasts large, backlit LCD displaying menus in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Handling and convenience are further improved by tactile, ergonomic buttons, which allow main controls to be identified by touch alone. The new high-performance Olympus recorders come in a range of colours – white for the WS-450S, silver or blue for the WS-550M, and gun metal grey for the WS-560M The Olympus WS-450S and WS-550M will be available from April 2009, while the WS-560M will be available from June 2009.