Olympus mobile Eye-Trek provides information to pedestrians via wireless head mount displays!

Olympus will conduct a verification test for a service that provides information to pedestrians via wireless head mount displays (HMDs) with the Future Creation Laboratory and Human Media Lab. The “mobile Eye-Trek (Keigan),” an optical appliance of wireless HMD prototype developed by Olympus, will be used in the test. Based on the test participant’s location and interests, recommendations and trivia on the area around his/her current position are transmitted and displayed on the HMD. The mobile Eye-Trek (Keigan), a device that features IUS, places an LCD panel measuring 3.2 x 2.4mm in front of the right eye, which looks like a 3.8-inch display (about 100mm diagonal) located 50cm ahead from the viewer’s perspective, according to Olympus.

The 113,000 resolution LCD panel has 521 x 218 delta-aligned pixels. Olympus said it has not scheduled commercial release of the mobile Eye-Trek.Targeting about 50 students of Chuo University, the test will be conducted at Koishikawa, Hongo, Yushima and Komagome areas in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.