Opera Widgets to debut on Toshiba W56T, Sony Ericsson W54S and Sanyo W54SA Mobile Phones

KDDI, Japan has announced Opera Widgets will be available in December on three of their latest handsets; Toshiba W56T, Sony Ericsson W54S and Sanyo W54SA. Branded as “au one Gadget” by KDDI, the widgets provide instant access to services such as RSS feeds, game results, weather, traffic information, stocks, news, and social networking services. This is the first time Opera Widgets have shipped on mobile phones.

The au one Gadget is a Web application made with open standards. Users can download their favorite Gadget to their handsets. The Gadget runs on the device’s idle screen. Users can download more than one Gadget to their device. To toggle a Gadget on the idle screen, push the “left” or “right” buttons to cycle quickly through gadgets.