Panasonic to Set Up New Environmental Engineering Company in Malaysia

Panasonic today announced its plans to establish a new environmental engineering company in Malaysia that will play a part in achieving Panasonic’s vision of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry in 2018. Green Business Innovation deals with reducing the impact on the environment of Panasonic’s own business activities. This new company, Panasonic Eco Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bdh (PESMY) will work to promote Panasonic’s energy saving and recycling businesses in Malaysia, and reduce the environmental impact of industry on the region.

PESMY will be a part of the Panasonic Ecology Systems Group which is promoting its energy saving, water purification and other environmental technologies globally and provides solutions tailored to the environment of each country. PESMY’s role will be to help Panasonic and other Japanese companies who are planning on locating factories in Malaysia to reduce their environmental impact by assisting in the setup and operation of their factories.

Through internal collaboration, PESMY will promote the company’s unique environmental engineering businesses, including its energy saving support service business, which reviews factory operation and equipment conditions and identifies areas where energy can be saved, its water and chemical recycle business, its painting equipment exhaust purification business and its soil decontamination business.

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