Panasonic Evolta Robot to cover a total of approximately 230 kilometers running non-stop for 24 hours

evolta_batteries.jpgPanasonic is taking on one of the toughest challenges for its EVOLTA Robot on October 23, 2011), titled Evolta World Challenge IV to prove just how durable its EVOLTA rechargeable batteries are. As the fourth challenge Evolta will embark on, triads of Evolta robots have been developed to complete the approximately 230 km Ironman Triathlon Course on Hawaii Island — notorious as among the most grueling of all Ironman courses. Three robots, the swim, bike and run robots will tackle each event powered just by three rechargeable Evolta AA batteries.

Equipped with three different bodies, Evolta will run on three Evolta AA rechargeable batteries to challenge the triathlon (swimming, biking and running). EVOLTA will challenge the goal to reach the finish line within one week (or 168 hrs.) by covering a total of approximately 230 kilometers running non-stop for 24 hours excluding the time needed to recharge batteries. Evolta World Challenge IV live will be broadcasted at certain parts of the day at EVOLTA Official Website.
Evolta Robot Creator Tomotaka Takahashi is Internationally known as one of Japan’s foremost robot creator, Mr. Tomotaka Takahashi is the founder of ROBO-GARAGE and a Research Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo.