Panasonic ultra-thin 50-inch plasma display panel delivers world’s highest moving picture resolution of 1080 lines

The newly developed NeoPDP technology has been incorporated into two types of PDPs. The first is a super high-efficiency 42-inch PDP that achieves triple luminance efficiency, while reducing the power consumption to 1/3 of the 2007 models yet achieving the same brightness. The second is an ultra-thin 50-inch PDP just 8.8 mm (approximately 1/3 inch) in profile. This ultra-thin panel delivers the world’s highest moving picture resolution of 1080 lines.

Panasonic’s newly-developed NeoLCD technology is integrated into a super energy-efficient 90kWh per year 37-inch LCD panel that achieves moving picture resolution of 1000 lines, close to that of a PDP. It has the lowest energy consumption of any LCD HDTV in the world, cutting the energy requirement almost in half compared to the previous model.