Panasonic Unveils Worlds first professional fully-integrated Full HD 3D camcorder

Panasonic will release the world’s first professional, fully-integrated Full HD 3D camcorder in Fall 2010. In Panasonic’s new Full HD 3D camcorder, the lenses, camera head, and a dual Memory Card recorder are integrated into a single, lightweight body. The camcorder also incorporates stereoscopic adjustment controls making it easier to use and operate. The new Panasonic camcorder will automatically recalibrate without any need for external equipment, allowing immediate 3D image capture. The solid-state memory file-based recording system offers greater flexibility to produce Full HD 3D videos in more challenging shooting environments.

The camcorder is lighter weight and smaller than current 3D rigs, while providing the flexibility of handheld-style shooting. Using standard, re-recordable SDHC/SD Memory Cards available already everywhere, media costs become almost insignificant. Panasonic will begin taking orders in April. Engineering samples of the professional Full HD 3D solid-state camcorder is exhibited at the Panasonic booth (Las Vegas Convention Center, Main Hall, #9405) at the 2010 International CES in Las Vegas, USA.