Patlite SCB-K01 Security color camera

The small security color camera from Patlite, Japan can be easily installed on the top of the main door of your home. The camera uses radio frequency (2.4GHz) to transmit the picture to the receiver unit. As no wiring is required the receiving unit can be placed at a convenient place inside the house. The photo taken can be viewed on home TV. The water proof camera automatically takes photo and at a time can retain up to 50 photos. The video signal output of the base unit can be connected to the TV for viewing the photos. This way you can have the record of persons who came to your home in your presence or absent. The angle of view of the camera can be adjusted easily.

The Patlite crime prevention color camera works either with four AAA alkaline batteries or with DC6V AC adapter. The camera measures 114x62x52mm, weigh 260g and the transmission unit measures 140 x105x35mm and weigh 210g.The Patlite camera set SCB-K01 is available in Japan for approximately 35,800 Yen ($300).