Pentax announces four additional Q mount lenses

In addition to the standard lens announced today, Pentax announced four accessory Q-mount lenses designed for exclusive use with the Pentax Q – the world’s smallest, lightest interchangeable lens system camera. Each new lens is highly compact and lightweight with an optimized image circle to match the size of the Q’s CMOS image sensor. This new Q-mount lens series offers Pentax Q users a comprehensive lens selection.

With a focal length equivalent to a 27.5-83.0mm zoom lens in the 35mm format, this standard zoom lens is ideal for wide angle to medium telephoto range. With four extra-low-dispersion and low-refractive aspherical optical elements, the lens offers exceptional image rendition while effectively reducing chromatic aberration to a minimum over the entire zoom range. The lens shutter mechanism allows the Pentax Q’s built-in auto flash to be synchronized to the camera’s top shutter speed of 1/2000 second (or 1/250 second when using an accessory flash unit). The lens with a built-in ND (neutral density) filter is available for approximately $299.95.
The ultra wide angle Pentax 03 Fish-Eye lens offers an extra wide 160 degree angle of view allowing photographers to create a fish eye visual effect. The distinctive ultra wide angle characteristics produce unique, eye-catching images with an exaggerated, distorted perspective and a pan-focus effect that captures every element in the image field in sharp focus. The lens price is $129.95.
The Toy Lens Wide is a unifocal wide angle field of view with a focal length equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm format. The Pentax 05 Toy Lens Telephoto is a unifocal medium telephoto lens with a focal length equivalent to 100mm in the 35mm format. The PENTAX 04 Toy Lens Wide price is $79.95 and the PENTAX 05 Toy Lens Telephoto is $79.95.
Attached to the Pentax 01 Standard Prime or Pentax 02 Standard Zoom, the 40.5mm polarizing filter minimizes reflections on the water or glass surface, which are difficult to remove during digital processing, to assure crisp, high contrast images.
A metallic, dome-shaped lens hood for exclusive use with the Pentax 01 Standard Prime lens.