Power failure sensor LED searchlight

Twinbird Japan has launched a practical Power failure sensor LED light LS-8556W. The compact searchlight comes with a power failure sensor. Whenever there is a power failure it automatically lights up. At night it becomes difficult to find the way to go out or to another room especially in hotels etc .This is where this unique emergency light comes handy. When you are near the light the infrared ray sensor automatically lights 3 orange LED lights so as you can see your way and slowly automatically the light turns off when you cross the infrared ray sensor. This is very useful in hotels, entrance of rooms etc. The light can be used as a portable torch also (white LED with 0.5W).

Power out put can be adjusted in 2 steps as well as you can turn off the infrared ray sensor. The Twinbird emergency light LS-8556W measures 70×35×140mm, weighs 170 g and takes approximately 30 hours for full charge. The light costs approximately 5,250 Yen ($45).