PQI launches Springtime Afternoon Tea Macaron USB flash drives

PQI today announced the launch of a new specially designed Springtime Afternoon Tea range of PQI Macaron USB flash drives to match the season. . Resembling a sweet macaron confectionery, they look good enough to eat, and evoke a sense of enjoying afternoon tea in early spring. PQI’s patented COB (Chip On Board) technology ensures that these devices are kept small and lightweight; they are also water-resistant, dust-resistant, shock-resistant and impact-resistant.

PQI’s Macarcon USB flash drives are ideal for storing your precious photos, files, music and videos. When you are not using the drive, you can insert it into the Macaron-shaped cover, and then attach it to your mobile phone or audio player headphone jack using the lanyard accessory provided; besides making an attractive mobile phone lanyard ornament. These new flash drives feature a full, rounded shape, and are available in a range of four pastel colors: yellow, blue, purple and pink.

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