PQI announces Stylish i-Cover 401 Protective Case for iPhone 4 with total protection

In view of the continuing popularity of iPhone 4, PQI has created the light and form-fitting i-Cover 401 protective case specially tailored for iPhone 4 users. With a lightweight structural design and unique uni-body construction, the case achieves a high degree of slim, stylish protection. The PQI i-Cover 401 frame features a non-toxic, eco-friendly thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material and a reinforced plastic injection mold that uses high tension and high strain characteristics to provide an exact fit around iPhone 4. In particular, the i-Cover 401 achieves a precise match with the camera lens, charging port, volume controls and earphone jack. Four rounded corners and a simple, clever design work together to create a smooth feeling in your hand that calls out to be held and admired.

The back of the PQI i-Cover 401 protective case features a transparent polycarbonate material that provides an unhindered view of iPhone 4’s flawless characteristics while providing the ultimate protection. The back of the transparent case also contains four hidden wear-resistant points that cleverly protect the product from annoying scratches and marks while discreetly and elegantly providing anti-shock and drop-resistant defenses that give iPhone 4 the best possible protection. PQI i-Cover 401 protective case for iPhone 4 is available in six color options-Mystic Black, Glamorous White, Candy Pink, Breezy Blue, Petal Green, and Dusk Purple.