PQI USB Traveling Disk U172

Weighing only 10 grams with capacities ranging from 512MB~2GB, PQI U172 is simple in design and easy to use. When in use, the clip on design of U172 ensures the users to keep track of where the lid is at all times. The simple and curvature design of U172 is unique and its delicate size is easy to store and carry. The sandblasting surface treatment on the aluminum casing gives it a rugged feel and the built-in software security functions give users an extra layer of protection. It is nothing spectacular but it certainly gets the job done!

Supported by various main stream operating systems (Windows XP, 2000, etc.), including the latest Windows Vista, PQI USB Traveling Disk U172 also work on Mac and Linux operating systems. Backed by a lifetime warranty and offering users with three colors to choose from, U172 is a fashionable storage device for the modern day people.