Prince Hisahito the third in line for the Japanese throne celebrates 6th birthday

Prince Hisahito, the third in line for the Japanese throne, celebrated his birthday on Sept. 6, and the Imperial Household Agency told reporters about the recent activities of the new 6-year-old. Hisahito, the son of Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko, participated in a kindergarten field trip and a potato-digging activity. He made a wall newspaper about the recent annular eclipse and other events and also took part in creating koinobori carp streamers (carp-shaped wind socks).

The young prince raised and harvested vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, in a yard at his residence. He is currently growing rice plants in a bucket and is looking forward to the harvest in autumn. Hisahito also has a leaning toward entomology. He tended to different types of insects and observed a cicada nymph shed its exoskeleton. Hisahito also collected insects with Emperor Akihito in the Imperial Palace compound.

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