Princeton iPod remote control with display

The Princeton technology Corporation, Japan has launched the first wired remote control with display for iPod. The remote control PIP-IRCW/PIP-IRCB (white or black) is connected to the dock connector of iPod. With the remote you can control the iPod the way you like and also can set shuffle and repeat function. The track name, artists name and album are displayed in the LCD display of remote control also. The 3.5mm stereo mini- jack output terminal allows enjoying music with your favorite head phones also. It is possible to adjust back light and contrast of the LCD to suite individual needs.

The Princeton LCD remote control PIP-IRCW/B measures 65.3 x 22.3 x 14.3 and weighs approximately 32g. The remote control will be available from mid Jan for approximately 4,980 Yen ($42).
Via – Princeton (Japanese)