Razer Megasoma gaming mouse mat- a premium hybrid gaming mouse mat

The Razer Megasoma gaming mouse mat with exclusive ambient glow is designed solely to achieve one goal; to bring all the best features — accuracy, comfort, flexibility, durability, and portability — of a hard and soft mat into one gaming mouse mat. The Razer Megasoma is constructed to be a hybrid gaming mouse mat that fuses superior tracking and ultra-durability of a hard mat but also the smooth glide of a soft mat.

The composition of the Razer Megasoma is engineered with highly durable translucent silicone allowing gamers to roll it up and take it to LAN parties. The sleek white surface and illuminating embedded logo gives adds a nice, aesthetic touch. The extra large Razer Megasoma gaming mouse mat measures 350 X 230 X 2 mm and is available for approximately $49.99.