Samsung HomeSync with 1 TB of private storage provides a fully immersive media center at home

Samsung announced the availability of Samsung HomeSync, a home hub solution that has enough storage space to protect the whole family’s digital content, provides an immersive big screen TV entertainment experience, and delivers a whole new way of enjoying your HDTV through a familiar and smarter Android user experience. HomeSync with 1 TB of private storage supports up to eight users with five devices each and a personal and private folder for each member. Using the Samsung Link app on a mobile device, users can access images, music, videos, documents and files from any registered device. Uploading to HomeSync is as simple as selecting an item, such as a photo, and tapping the HomeSync icon.

Play content such as mobile games, videos, music, or flip through photos on your home television using HomeSync’s Android Media Center. Mirror content from your GALAXY mobile device on your TV in full HD. Users will also be able to use their mobile device as a remote controller, and enjoy Android applications such as popular games, YouTube, even web browsers, on their TV screens. The device provides a fully immersive media center at home. Samsung HomeSync is now available on the market globally, with initial retail in the U.S.

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