Samsung social networking service to compete with Facebook early next year?

Samsung is expected to make a foray into the social network service (SNS) market early next year by introducing a Facebook-like service. It is developing a social networking service which could eventually compete with Facebook. The new Samsung website will be accessible on a wide variety of Internet-capable devices, including cameras and televisions. Samsung which competes with Apple for global supremacy in smartphones and touch-screen tablets has been investing more efforts to strengthen the software and content side of its business.

To allow users to access the social networking service from anywhere, at anytime and on any device, Samsung plans to integrate it with Amazon’s cloud computing platform. The company has yet to decide on a name for the service. Internally, the company calls the project Samsung Facebook. Samsung hopes that its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones and Web-enabled televisions will give its social networking service a quick start.

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