Samsung Anycall Haptic SCH-W420 phone with Touch Feedback

Samsung on Tuesday unveiled a new digital mobile phone with a display that offers sense of touch, or haptic, feedback. Called the Anycall Haptic SCH-W420, it features 22 different kinds of vibrations that users can choose from. The Samsung Anycall Haptic SCH-W420 phone is equipped with sensitive UI that stimulates the sense of sight, hearing and touch making it almost like a living thing. When turning up the volume on the touch-screen, for example, the user feels and hears the “clicks” of a dial being turned.

You can create your own menu on the desktop through Widget. The Haptic phone offers ‘drag & drop’ and ‘easy to access’ functions to execute your desired functions. Samsung ‘Anycall Haptic’ premium touchscreen phone also features a customizable menu screen, a digital broadcast TV receiver and a 2-megapixel camera. The phone is priced at some W700, 000 (US$720).