Samsung SCH-V960 world’s first mobile phone with optical joystick

Samsung’s latest ‘Optical Joystick’ Phone SCH-V960 is the world’s first mobile phone featuring a n optical joystick for a whole new mobile experience. The Samsung SCH-V960 is suited with the latest technology that may revolutionize the way users interact with the menu and user interface of mobile handsets. Users utilize the optical joystick key by placing their finger and moving a cursor to navigate through the menu, similar to a cursor of a mouse on a PC. Users can point the cursor and click directly on icons on My Screen, similar interface to that on a PC environment, and gain direct access to frequently used menus such as photo album, messaging, and music menu. Users can also use the Optical Joystick to easily scroll through the play list while listening to their music. Through an illumination sensor, the Samsung V960 also includes a ‘Smart Lighting’ feature that automatically controls the brightness of the LCD screen and keypad.

By using the ‘Smart Lighting’ feature, users are protected from eye strain and will minimize power consumption for increased efficiency. In addition, the V960 also supports a 2 megapixel camera, GPS and Bluetooth function. The Samsung V960 measures 97 x 47.5 x 18.6 mm, weighs 102g and has a micro SD memory slot.The V960 will be launched in the Korean market at the end of December.