Sanyo announces new additions to the home-use virus washer lineup

Sanyo will launch a total of eight new products this fiscal year, including new additions to the home-use ‘virus washer’ lineup, namely, a large-capacity humidifier and two humidifying ceramic fan heaters with LCD displays. Sanyo’s home-use products equipped with ‘virus washer’ technology offer bacteria elimination, virus suppression and odor removal, enabling consumers to enjoy clean air in their living spaces. By passing room air through a humidifying filter containing electrolyzed water, the Large-capacity Humidifier RH-VWX12C eliminates airborne bacteria, while also suppressing airborne viruses. Since electrolyzed water is also used in the humidifying tray, it controls slime and unwanted odors through bacteria elimination.

Since RH-VWX12C is a high-capacity humidifier it can humidify large spaces up to 54 m2 at a rate of 1,200 ml / hour, it is quick and powerful enough for busy locations such as offices, hospital waiting rooms, and daycare centers. The Sanyo RH-VWX12C is equipped with an automatic louver that keeps dust out and adjusts the direction of air outflow. Since the louver can be set to swing back and forth, it can efficiently humidify even large spaces.