Sanyo announces new eneloop bike with worlds first Eco Charge Mode for More Efficient Regenerative Charging

Sanyo today announced the launch of new models for the eneloop bike lineup of electric hybrid bicycles that recharge themselves while being used. The new Sanyo eneloop bike models, CY-SPL226 and CY-SPL224 features a next-generation riding mode-Eco Charge Mode. The eneloop bike SPL series with the new Eco Charge Mode for regenerative charging control enables the rider to actively charge the battery while pedaling on flat roads. This series represents a new style of energy-creating models. The Eco Charge Mode controls the charging rate by ascertaining overall conditions such as foot pressure on the pedals and changes in dynamotor revolution speed.
This enables effortless regenerative charging while riding, that is comfortable for the rider, by adjusting for the change in various conditions such as the amount of exertion, speed, and road conditions. By traveling 1 km in Eco Charge Mode over flat ground, enough electricity is generated and stored to travel about 300 m in Power Mode.

Sanyo added a Power Reserve function to the SPL series together with a high-capacity 7.6 Ah lithium-ion battery. to greatly reduce consumer apprehension over battery depletion. The new Sanyo Electric Hybrid Bicycle will be available in Japan from April 21,2010 for approximately 157,290 yen ($1,783).