Sanyo completes a new technical facility for lithium-ion batteries in Japan

Sanyo today announced the completion of a new technical facility for lithium-ion batteries on the premises of the Tokushima Plant (Itano-gun, Tokushima, Japan), Sanyo’s development and production site for lithium-ion batteries. The Tokushima Plant has become Sanyo’s main site for the technical development and production of lithium-ion batteries. However, with the increasingly diversified use and requirements for lithium-ion batteries, it has become necessary to expand the space for the development and evaluation of new batteries. In order to maintain and expand Sanyo’s competitive strength in technology development for the future, the new facility will provide space for the experimental manufacture and performance evaluation of batteries.

The construction of the new facility will further increase Sanyo’s capabilities for developing new materials and manufacturing technologies, thereby enabling the company to become a leader in the lithium-ion battery market where further performance improvement is expected.