Sanyo LP-XF70/ LP-WF20 projectors with Worlds first two-lamp photosynthesis technology!

Sanyo presents today two new two-lamp commercial-use projectors, the LP-XF70 and the widescreen LP-WF20. The new LP-XF70 model can emit 9,000 lumens, the brightest in its class, while the new LP-WF20 model is a widescreen-XGA projector capable of emitting 6,000 lumens. Both project high resolution images through the industry’s first two-lamp photosynthesis technology, and adopt the Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system, reducing cost and time in maintenance. With the adoption of two lamps providing a high output of 330W and new optical engine technology, the LP-XF70 is capable of emitting 9,000 lumens, the highest luminance in two-lamp projectors. The widescreen Sanyo LP-WF20 is capable of emitting 6,000 lumens with highly efficient optical engine technology similar to that used in the LP-XF70.

These features also contribute to lower electricity consumption, a reduction of 37% against Sanyo’s existing model, which means light efficiency increased by 160%. This enables the projector to be used in settings where only AC100V is available; making the construction of electric wiring for AC200V unnecessary. The Sanyo LP-XF70 and LP-WF20 projectors will be on sale in Japan starting from January 11 and January 21 respectively. The Sanyo projectors measure 530 (W) x 267.5 (H) x 757 (D) mm and weigh 27.6 kg each.