Sanyo to display Sunplant designed with Toshiyuki Kita at Milano Design Week 2008

Sanyo_solar.jpgSanyo will display its SunPlant installation which was designed in collaboration with Toshiyuki Kita, one of the world’s most recognized designers, at the Milano Capital Del Design Green Energy Design event. Sanyo is the only electronics company to display at the Green Energy Design event. The SunPlant is an installation that incorporates Sanyo’s reusable ‘eneloop’ batteries and highly efficient ‘HIT’ solar cells, and takes the form of a tree with the solar panels acting as leaves on the branches, collecting sunlight and sending the power partly to LED lights on the installation, whilst displaying the ability to charge ‘eneloop’ rechargeable batteries through clean energy.

The 375cm SunPlant was born from the concepts of Sanyo’s brand vision ‘ Think GAIA and the eneloop universe product line-up based on it which emphasizes clean natural energy from the sun powering the electronic devices found around people everyday with batteries that can be reused and recycled