Sanyo to release 200000 packs of the limited edition of eneloop tones chocolat 8 color battery packs

The shipments of Sanyo’s highly appraised eneloop rechargeable batteries have reached 200 million globally. In order to celebrate this astounding achievement and to show appreciation to the users of eneloop batteries, Sanyo will release 200,000 packs of its limited edition eneloop tones chocolat batteries, an 8-color pack of eneloop rechargeable batteries based on the concept of a box of chocolates and colored in a variety of tones of brown. The packaging which can also be used as a case for the batteries, includes an easy to use slide cover, and like previous eneloop packaging, the single material used in the packaging is recycled PET.

sanyo_eneloop_tones_chocolat_ charger.jpg
The eneloop tones chocolat 8 color pack comes in the following 8 delicious colors: champagne, curacao, orange peel, chocolat café mocha, café au lait, blanc and green tea.In addition eneloop tones chocolat will also be on display at the Life with eneloop” booth at “Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2011, a design event to be held at the Tokyo Midtown Galleria from October 28 to November 6.Since their original release in 2005, eneloop rechargeable batteries have gone on to receive high appraisal for their user friendly characteristics, such as being ready for use immediately after purchasing, being rechargeable for repeated use and their low self-discharge rate which allows them to be used even after a long period of storage.