Sapporo Breweries offers Worlds first beer made from barley grown in outer space

Sapporo Breweries is offering a limited volume of beer made using barley grown from seeds that were brought to outer space under a joint project with the Russian Academy of Science and Japan’s Okayama University. The Russian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the Okayama University spent five months in space to grow barley in space. Sapporo Space Barley beer is offered via internet till Dec.24 and delivery is expected by January 7, 2010. Only 250 sets of Sapporo limited edition beer is offered and each set contains six 330-milliliter bottles.

If application is for more than 250 sets, buyers will be decided by lottery system. Delivery will commence from late 2010. Each set is priced at 10,000 yen ($113). Proceeds of the sale will be used for the promotion of science education.