Scriptus luminaire range from Osram fulfils all functional and aesthetic standards for Human Centric Lighting

The new Scriptus range of luminaires from Osram fulfils all functional and aesthetic standards for Human Centric Lighting. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) puts people with their biological, emotional and visual needs at the centre. The separately controllable direct and indirect distribution light units guarantee users high levels of individuality for personal settings and maximum visual comfort. Blue light distribution can be individually set across the course of the day via the separately controllable TW white component in the direct and indirect components. Light scenes can be individually defined for groups, or each workplace, or can be manually controlled.

HCL solutions from Osram Lighting Solutions combine artificial light with natural daylight and focus on the visual perception of people, the basis being to provide optimum support for the specific visual task in compliance with defined standards. The multi-level MLA (Multi-Lens Array) optical system in the Osram luminaire ensures optimum glare elimination and high visual comfort. To ideally illuminate differing office arrangements, Scriptus is available as a surface-mounted or suspended version with various lengths and lumen levels. The light has an activating, relaxing or neutral impact. In addition to 3000K and 4000K light colours, versions with Tunable White (TW) are also available.

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