Sharp AQUOS Audio System with built-in Blu-ray Disc player

On June 25, 2007, Sharp Corporation will introduce into the Japanese market the BD-MPC70 BD 1-Bit Theater AQUOS Audio System with built-in Blu-ray Disc player, a new flagship model for home theater systems that offers high-quality sound to accompany large-screen TVs that families enjoy in their living rooms.Equipped with a surround-sound amplifier with a high-end version of Sharp’s proprietary 1-Bit digital amp, and with newly designed speakers for providing an expanded listening area, this 7.1-channel theater system fills an entire room with high-quality sound, perfectly complementing the high-quality images of the AQUOS LCD TV. It’s perfect for an age in which more and more people want large-screen entertainment in their homes. This new theater system also has a built-in high-resolution Blu-ray Disc player equipped with the 1080p-compatible image engine, allowing it to display high-quality images on an AQUOS LCD TV. Moreover, with support for the AQUOS Fami-link, a home entertainment AV setup that enables easy operation centered on the AQUOS LCD TV, this new model becomes part of an audio system that goes elegantly with room interiors.

Build-to-order manufacturing of this new model will start on June 25, 2007. As a new flagship model for living room audio systems to match today’s increasingly popular large-screen TVs, the Sharp BD-MPC70 meets the needs of those who demand the highest quality in both sound and image. The Sharp BD-MPC70 BD 1-Bit Theater AQUOS Audio System will retail for approximately 1,050,000 yen ($8,730) in Japan.

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  1. Gizmodo

    Sharp Includes Blu-ray Player With 7.1 Audio System, Price Hits $9K

    Got nearly $9,000 to blow on a potentially doomed video format and flashy audio system combination? Good thing, because Sharp will release in Japan this June the BD-MPC70 BD 1-Bit Theater Aquos Audio System, a 7.1-channel speaker set with a…

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