Sharp to Exhibit a Display of New Products Including E-book Readers and Smartphones at CEATEC JAPAN 2010

Sharp will be exhibiting a range of exciting new products including the GALAPAGOS e-book reader and smartphones at CEATEC Japan 2010. Exhibit Highlights:-
E-Bookstore Service and GALAPAGOS Tablet Terminal:-
Sharp will exhibit two GALAPAGOS e-book readers: a mobile-type featuring a 5.5-inch LCD screen and a home-type featuring a 10.8-inch LCD screen. CEATEC visitors can try operating the tablets via a touchscreen to read downloaded newspapers and magazines, as well as experience how recommended e-books can be purchased at the e-book store.
Visitors will see smartphones that integrate the company’s expertise in mobile phones, with features, such as a large screen and a full keyboard for easy blogging and e-mailing.
AQUOS Quattron LCD TVs:-
Sharp will introduce the four-primary-color Quattron and the other one-of-a-kind technologies behind it, in addition to features like energy efficiency and high-speed response. The CEATEC visitors can experience the bright, high-picture-quality 3D video provided by AQUOS Quattron 3D (the LB3 Series) with built-in Blu-ray Disc recorder.

Digital Signage
Multiple PN-V601 60V-inch professional LCD monitors will join to form a multi-screen display system with narrow bezels between individual monitors. The realistic and powerful images that can be displayed with this system will offer a world of new digital signage possibilities.