Sharp UV2ATechnology -A Core Technology for Next-Generation LCD Panels for TVs

Sharp has developed a photo-alignment technology called UV2A Technology that can precisely control the alignment of liquid crystal molecules in a simple LCD panel structure. Sharp will be the first in the world to fully incorporate this technology into the production of LCD panels. As a core technology, UV2A will significantly evolve LCD panels for the next generation of LCD TVs. In addition to eliminating light leakage from the backlight, making it possible to display extremely deep blacks, this technology also enables higher aperture ratios in the LCD panel for the most efficient use of light from the backlight, thereby saving energy while displaying bright, vivid colors.

Sharp’s UV2A Technology will also be ideal for enhancing the performance of high-definition 4Kx2K displays and 3D TVs, which are expected to form the next generation of TVs. Sharp will be introducing this technology across the board for panels to be produced at the new LCD panel plant in Sakai and at Kameyama Plant No. 2,Japan.