Silicon Image announces new 18 MegaPixel Camera Processor IP Core for Mobile Phones and Netbooks

With its high-quality 18 megapixel (MP) image signal processing technology, the camerIC-18 from Silicon Image is targeted for integration into digital still camera (DSC) and video System-on-a-Chip (SoC) application processors for mobile devices such as cell phones, portable multimedia players (PMPs) and netbooks. The camerIC-18 supports resolutions ranging from 5MP to 18MP, all in a single low-cost/low-power design. To effectively deliver resolutions above 12MP, the camerIC-18 IP core now includes sophisticated bad pixel detection/correction and noise reduction techniques to ensure image quality even when combined with the lower cost, high-resolution CMOS sensors commonly found in mobile devices.

The Silicon Image camerIC-18 IP core also supports wide dynamic range processing and digital image stabilization along with an extensive set of standard features including lens shade correction, auto focus measurement, auto white balance and auto exposure support by brightness measurement