S-LCD Ships First LCD Panels from 8th Generation Line

S-LCD Corporation today announced the shipment of LCD panels produced from its 8th Generation Line. S-LCD’s 8th Generation Line is capable of processing the world’s largest motherglass substrates, measuring 2,200mm by 2,500mm.LCD panels shipped from this 8G line marks a major turning point in the market for LCD TVs in the 50-inch (diagonally) class. With 7G line which is already in operation, S-LCD has sufficient capacity to meet demand for 40-inch panels. The 8G line is slated to supply 46-inch and 52-inch panels, and that plan was evident by the contents of the first shipment of 52-inch LCD panels for full-HD TVs.

S-LCD Corporation is a joint venture company that was established on April 26th 2004. It is an equal joint investment by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Sony Corporation dedicated to the manufacturing of amorphous TFT LCD panels for LCD TVs. The facility operates as a major source for LCD panels to both Samsung and Sony. The new8th Generation Line would reach its full monthly output of 50,000 panels by the end of the year.