Sony announces five new LCD projectors that can transfer images wirelessly from smartphones and tablet

Sony Japan today announced five new business models of LCD projectors in two different series. The new Sony interactive LCD projectors can transfer images wirelessly from smartphones and tablet, write text and graphics on the projection screen further improved with ease and fast. By downloading the terminal on hand to support software, can be transferred wirelessly to the projector from the terminal image and PDF still image files, and PowerPoint files.

The ultra-short focus LCD projector VPL-SW536C can project at a70inches screen from a short distance of about 10.8cm. With the included digital pen, you can use the screen as an electronic blackboard. This is very helpful in classes, as it is possible to draw, write etc. very clearly and fast. You can save the material taught in the class, so as can be used in other classes. This saves a lot of time and energy. It saves students time also.

It is possible to save as to record the write contents is possible, such as for example, to be shared by other classes announcement examples exemplary student. Setup, such as setting screen of the device is equipped with a speedy and easy “auto calibration”, contributing to the efficiency of the class. In the model with excellent cost performance while a rich input terminal, professional LCD projector VPL-EW276/EX276/EW246/EX246 is suitable for use in the classroom of small and medium-sized. Due to the high brightness of 3700 lumens, VPL-EW276/EX276 can be projected on the big screen even in bright classroom environment.

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