Sony announces head-mount image processing unit for endoscopic image display

Sony today announced the launch of a head-mount image processing unit capable of receiving and outputting endoscope image signals, or controlling video images, which can then be displayed in 3D or 2D on an accompanying head-mounted monitor. The head-mount image processor, which includes a 3D head-mounted monitor, is compatible with 3D surgical laparoscope. It incorporates Sony’s advanced 3D and display-related technologies to realize a standard of 3D images that meet the demands of medical professionals, and proposes new workflows. The head-mounted monitor can also be purchased separately as an optional extra.

In conventional laparoscopic procedures, surgeons generally have to check the images on an external monitor as they perform the surgery, restricting their posture and movement. However, Sony’s head-mounted display enables the surgeons to position themselves flexibly as they perform their procedures, supporting smooth workflow procedures in addition to the benefit of a 3D image display.
Sony’s ‘Picture in Picture (PinP)’ capability enables two images to be displayed simultaneously. Images can also be flipped to the left, right, up, or down, for different display perspectives. For example, if a team of surgeons are working together in the same operating theater, this feature can be utilized to enable laparoscopic images from the operating surgeon to be viewed by other surgeons or assistants standing in other positions, and each can view the laparoscopic images from their respective viewing angle.

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