Sony updates SmartWatch 2 with Improved Gmail and Facebook apps, calculator and wallpapers

Sony today announced few SmartWatch 2 developments and a software update. With the new update, Sony has about 400 dedicated SmartWatch apps. Sony announced a calculator in the update. It features as a native app that’s not dependent on phone, meaning you can use your calculator when your phone is in your bag or pocket. Sony also announced six new wallpapers, improved Gmail synchronization between phone and watch, and making the posts on the Facebook app more scrollable. Also user now has a choice to turn vibration settings off for when Bluetooth connects and disconnects. The six unique and stylish wallpapers are now available and work independently from your smartphone.

Sony_smart_watch_FIFASony also rolled a software update for SmartWatch 2 that both fixes some little bugs, but also introduces a range of fresh & useful features. To celebrate SmartWatch 2 being an official accessory of the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, Sony announced a new stylish edition-Brazil. Last month Sony announced world’s first wearable boarding pass with Vueling.

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