Sony increases production capacity for Exmor and Exmor R CMOS image sensors

Sony would invest approximately 40 billion yen into Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation’s Kumamoto Technology Center (hereafter, “Kumamoto TEC”), to increase production capacity for Exmor and Exmor R CMOS image sensors. The recent boom in smartphones is creating demand for devices with high image quality and high sensitivity capabilities. Also, the evolution of lighter and more compact Digital Still Cameras as well as improved camera functionality have resulted in an expanding customer segment who own high quality Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras.

sony_semiconductor.jpgThese market conditions have led to greater demand for larger image sensors and image sensors with higher image capabilities. Since 2009, Sony has been mass producing Exmor Rfor Digital Still Cameras and Digital Video Camcorders on wafer lines (with diameter of 200mm) at Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation’s Nagasaki Technology Center. At the end of this year Sony plans to start the mass production of Exmor R on wafer lines (with diameter of 300mm) at Kumamoto TEC for mobile phone and compact Digital Still Camera markets.