Sony Join the Team football -durable and environmentally conscious football to unite the global community in support of the children of Africa

Sony, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are jointly launching the “Public Viewing in Africa” project during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. To coincide with this initiative, Sony today announced Earth F.C. which aims to involve people around the world in support of the “Public Viewing in Africa” project. With football in many African countries often being played in very demanding conditions, this can reduce the lifespan of footballs and shorten their duration of use. To address this issue, Sony has leveraged its expertise in material research to develop “Join the Team!,” a highly durable and environmentally conscious football made from vegetable-based plastic. This football will be used in support of the Public Viewing in Africa and Earth F.C. initiatives. Furthermore, people around the world will be able to contribute to the provision of “Join the Team!” footballs to children in Africa, simply by making one click on the “Earth F.C.” website.
The purpose of the “Earth F.C.” initiative is to draw attention to the challenges Africa is facing (such as health issues including the spread of HIV and AIDS; limited access to information due to low TV penetration rates), and to communicate the need for support from around the world. The project will seek to raise awareness and encourage participation to unite the global community in support of the children of Africa.

The material used to create the “Join the Team!” football is not only highly durable, but also environmentally conscious, as it is formed using vegetable-based plastics. It features a dual layered surface, delivering durability 1.6 times conventional footballs. The “Join the Team!” football embodies two aims: that the children of Africa may pursue their dreams together, and that people around the world can join the children of Africa, as part of the same.