Sony PlayStation Move takes aim at Nintendo’s dominance in the gaming sector

Sony today unveiled its highly anticipated motion controlling system PlayStation Move, as it takes aim at Nintendo’s dominance in the gaming sector. With the PlayStation Move, Sony hopes to lure gamers who have outgrown Nintendo, which launched the Wii in 2006 and became the first to introduce motion-detecting controllers. Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment feels that now it’s time for Wii gamers to graduate to the PlayStation, which offers a new experience for both casual and hard-core gamers. Working in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera, the Move system is able to detect the precise movement, angle, and position in 3D space of the motion controller.The movement tracking is accompanied by the high-tech innards of the Move which includes a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor.

Microsoft is planning its own offensive this year as well with its Project Natal. Natal, which combines a camera, depth sensor, microphone and processor, eliminates the need for any button-mashing device. Microsoft is expected to release Natal in time for the Christmas shopping season but has not set a specific date.
Although demand for the Wii has slowed in recent months, it remained the most popular console among Americans in January with 465,000 units sold, according to market researcher NPD Group. Microsoft sold 332,800 units of the Xbox 360, trailed by 276,900 PlayStation 3 units.
Major game publishers such as Activision Blizzard Inc, Electronic Arts Inc and Square Enix are developing Move-compatible games. The PlayStation Move will go on sale this fall. Complete details of prices have not been released, but a starter bundle including the PlayStation Eye, motion controller and one game will retail for under $100.