Sony today announces the Altus portable stereo headphones to give listeners high-fidelity audio at home, in the office or on the go. The new Sony Altus headphones deliver pristine, high-quality sound previously unavailable in a portable headphone. The headphones feature a brushed aluminum earcup, ear and head cushioning and a single-sided cord. The headphones also have a sturdy headband that adjusts to fit snugly – enhancing sound quality. By positioning the 40mm HD driver units at an angle parallel to the human ear, Altus headphones reduce pressure, increase comfort and deliver a more natural listening experience. The new Sony Altus headphones ambient sound-in switch controls the diaphragm in each earpiece.

When open, the diaphragm moves freely letting in more outside sound, convenient when walking on city streets, for example. When closed, the diaphragm remains fixed allowing the listener to concentrate on high-quality audio. For travelers, the headphones can be folded into the accompanying drawstring pouch that takes up minimal space in an over-the-shoulder bag and protects the headphones in transit.The Altus headphones will be available for purchase at Sony Style stores in November for about $150.