Startup analyzes smartphone data to remotely predict when patients with mental illnesses are symptomatic

Behavioral health analytics startup sees smartphones as “automated diaries” containing valuable insight into the mental well-being of people with mental illnesses. Smartphones produce significant behavioral data — such as location, calling and texting records, and app usage — that map out a user’s daily patterns. Finding significant deviations in these patterns may signal that something’s amiss, says CEO and co-founder Anmol Madan SM ’05, PhD ’11.

Smarter care starts with your smartphone“If someone is depressed, for instance, they isolate themselves, have a hard time getting up to go to school or work, they’re lethargic and don’t like communicating with others the way they typically do,” Madan explains. “Turns out you see those same features change in their mobile-phone sensor data in their movement, features, and interactions with others.”
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