Stiletto 100 from Sirius Satellite Radio Inc

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. has stepped into the portable live radio ring with the introduction of the Stiletto 100. The Stiletto 100 store up to 100 hours of music plays live Sirius programs and the listener can save up to 10 hours of individual songs by pressing a “Love” button. The Stiletto 100 also allows users to pause and rewind for up to 60 minutes. The device features a Wi-Fi connection that can be used to stream Sirius programming from the Internet when a satellite connection is unavailable. The Stiletto also comes with the Yahoo Music Jukebox software, allowing users to bookmark songs they wish to purchase by launching the Yahoo Music service when the device is synced with a computer.

The Stiletto 100 is available in the U.S. for $350. Options include a vehicle kit and a home kit at $70 each, or an executive system for $150.