STMicroelectronics Smart Reset Chips cure Frustration from Frozen Gadgets

STMicroelectronics today introduced its newest dual-assert Smart Reset IC- STM6524. Effective prevention of accidental resets is secured with the new STM6524, dual-assert Smart Reset IC. Its two inputs connect to a selected pair of buttons on an electronic gadget. When these buttons are held down simultaneously for a manufacturer-specified time, the IC sends a reset signal to the main processor. The combination of two inputs and programmable delay time effectively prevents accidental resets. ST is also introducing a new single-assert Smart Reset IC, the STM6519, which targets single-button electronic devices like tablets and e-readers, with a similar programmable delay reset.

Traditionally, when electronic devices freeze or lock up, users would either try to remove the battery, which is not always convenient, or find an appropriate tool to press the dedicated reset button placed in a hole that is often difficult to access. Smart resets extend the functional capability of the existing buttons so that users can simply re-set their frozen device with a long push of one or two buttons simultaneously, depending on the device configuration. The new smart resets also integrate a dedicated test mode, which improves device testability and slashes test costs. The STM6519 and STM6524 smart reset ICs are available in volumes, with unit pricing at $0.242 and $0.338 respectively, in quantities of 1,000 pieces.

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