STMicroelectronics announces a multi-sensor module with five degrees of freedom

STMicroelectronics today announced a multi-sensor module- LSM320DL with five degrees of freedom. The integration of a 3-axis digital accelerometer with a 2-axis digital gyroscope in a single device improves sensing accuracy and reliability at reduced size and cost, opening new possibilities for high-precision motion detection-based applications in mobile phones, navigation systems, game controls and many other portable electronic devices. ST’s newest high-performance motion-sensing module detects acceleration up to 16 g and angular rate up to 2000 dps along the pitch and yaw axes. The module leverages the same micromachining technology process that ST has successfully applied to more than 1.2 billion motion sensors already sold in the market.

Packing five degrees of freedom in a single device increases system robustness, which together with high thermal and mechanical stability and advanced power management options, makes ST’s new multi-sensor module a perfect choice for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. The device can operate with any supply voltage in the range of 2.4 to 3.6V. ST’s LSM320DL multi-sensor module is available now, with unit pricing at $3.50 for volumes in the range of 1000 pieces.