STMicroelectronics Single-Chip TV Audio Processors

STMicroelectronics announced new TV sound processor chips – the STV83xy family –intended particularly for mainstream flat-panel TV sets. Like the STV82xy devices, each of the new processors is a single-chip solution that provides all the resources required to detect, decode and process analog audio transmissions or digital sources with multi-channel content, and to drive a range of audio channels from enhanced stereo up to full 5.1 surround sound. ST’s proven stereo demodulator delivers outstanding performance for analog TV covering major broadcast standards across the world. With a built-in audio delay of up to 100ms, the STV83xy family compensates for the video processing delay of flat-panel TVs without the need for external memory; the devices support the use of external delay if more than 100ms is required.

In addition, a high-end Digital Signal Processor (DSP) offers unprecedented compensation for the smaller loudspeakers and less-than-ideal chassis acoustic often found in flat-screen sets as designs become thinner. Separate processing channels for loudspeakers and headphones allow the end user to choose either two different sounds (Picture in Picture), or to experience high-end sound processing such as Virtualizer (Dolby and SRS Labs) on loudspeakers, and specific settings for headphones.STV83xy is available in a TQFP100 package, priced at $5.00 in 1000 piece quantities.