STMicroelectronics S-Touch Fingertip touch controller supports thinner displays and enhances user experience

The S-Touch FingerTip controller from STMicroelectronics offers true multi-touch capability with unlimited simultaneous touches. The FingerTip also enhances multi-touch actions such as pinch-to-zoom and supports stylus operations, enabling a better user experience. Advanced noise cancellation makes this the first device of its kind to support the latest on-cell LCD technology without requiring a ground shielding layer between the display and the touch sensor. This feature allows smartphones to have thinner touchscreen LCD modules with enhanced image quality and reduced assembly costs. The FingerTip controller’s patented analog IP provides high signal-to-noise-ratio performance with high scan speed that allows robust and fast touch performance for the user.

The S-Touch FingerTip controller offers the industry’s greatest number of channels, allowing higher touch resolution. Its ultra-low power consumption delivers longer battery life. Its high resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD) makes the S-Touch FingerTip touch controller ideal for use in consumer smartphones. Auto-tuning and self-calibration features will reduce external components and support a wide range of touchscreen panels. With a 3mm x 3mm low-profile chip-size package, the FingerTip is the industry’s smallest multi-touch controller.